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The meanderings and ramblings of an escapee from the front lines

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Saturday, March 30, 2002  

Queen Mother dies at 101

Britain's Queen Mother, who won the country's loyalty and admiration during the Second World War at the side of King George VI, died Saturday, Buckingham Palace said. She was 101 years old. She died "peacefully in her sleep'' this afternoon at Royal Lodge, Windsor, a Palace spokesperson said.

7:35 PM

Saturday, March 16, 2002  
National Geographic Photo Of The Day--postcards, wallpaper

I love photography and National Geographic has some of the best going. This is a photograph taken in Maine (also one of my favourite places - next to Nova Scotia; but I guess that because Maine looks like NS)

8:47 AM

Friday, March 15, 2002  
Extreme 2001 - Voyage to the Deep!

University of Delaware Marine Studies On-line Expedition. Very cool!

10:59 AM

Monday, March 11, 2002  
I've never looked at the sky the same. I've always watched it, but never the same way as September 11. Six months today since the worst case in history of terrorism on American Soil.

For the few days following 911, the sky above was ominously strange, only the flash of satellites moving across the darkness and looking up it seems as if you're looking at the sky the same way prehistoric man must have...

I volunteered at the Red Cross for several days after the disaster, answering telephones in the Administration Office baffled by the amazing goodness of so many people who called offering their homes, their goods, their food, only a day after the incredible hate of a few.

The flashbacks lasted a long time. Everytime I saw a plane in the sky above me after the all clear was given, I imagined them exploding in mid air or flying into buildings. This lasted months.

The scars on the world will last a great while longer...
11:43 PM

This is Really Cool!Help write an Interactive Mystery and you could win a copy of the finished novel or dinner with author Montreal Gazette columnist, Jack Todd, who writes the interactive mystery with a plot devised on the fly by readers.
9:11 AM

Sunday, March 10, 2002  

I went to see Queen of the Damned this weekend.

Visually, it's a feast for the eyes, but the movie as a whole really didn't amount to much more than being a seductive, 2 hour long rock video. It's a shame because I'd expect better of a movie made from Anne Rice novel. It was scary, but somehow lacked a storyline.
11:42 AM

I really, really hate weekends off. I mean time off is great because I work really long and hard hours, but days off just remind me of how really lonely and bored I am here.

I've been in the Halifax area for a little over a year and it's a cool place...but it amazes me that a place that is so brimming with people - that humanity is literally dripping from every street corner..could ultimately feel so lonely and isolated.

The people I work with are great. They've known me only a year, but they're been more supportive and caring and better to me than even my own family, but I really don't have anything outside of my work.

I keep asking people what they do when they're not working to try to get ideas, but so far...I'm totally lost. :)
9:51 AM