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Kitty Kabobs may be answer to World Hunger
Good Source of Protein and Eight Essential Nutrients
by Misty Moue Moue, Staff Writer

Kitty Kabobs may be the answer to solving world hunger, says Canadian Home Economist Catlin Cattrell.

Over one quarter of the world's population goes to bed hungry every night and the United Coalition against Hunger (UCH!) thinks they may have come up with a plentiful new source of food. The current feline population explosion provides a vital link to solving this dilemma.

Scientists, Home Economists and Governments from many countries around the world have been brainstorming trying to come up with a suitable source of food for the world's population.

In China, authorities thought they had solved the problem of unwanted baby girls by processing them as foodstuff, but consumers were less than thrilled with taste testing when it was discovered they didn't care for the mushy consistency and taste of the pampers upon reheating the infants.

Although a seemingly bountiful food source for Mainland China, the giant Meo Ling food corporations didn't believe they could compete on the world market.

The Kitties have come out on top in taste testing. "They're adorable, wholesome and good for you" says Cattrell.

"They are a good source of protein as well eight essential vitamins and minerals." Through testing food samples, scientists have also discovered Kitty Kabobs contain unusually high amounts of the amino acids, tyrosine and lysine, which are thought to help stabilize neurological functions within the brain causing a great feeling of contentment and purring within some of the test subjects surveyed.

UCH! Is now looking at various strategies in marketing the new feline feast sensations.

Closer to home, Canada is thinking of adding at least three suggested servings of kitty a day to the Canada Food Guide.

Cattrell says, "kitties are a very versatile meal starter. The can be kabobbed, fricasseed,, stewed and they also make excellent jerky."

A small percentage of the population has been found to have a slight adverse reaction to kitty flesh , which usually amounts to small persistent coughing fits known as "Fur Ball Syndrome", but for the bulk of the population Kitty Kabobs are proving to be the 'Cat's Meow'.

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