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A very special "hello" goes out to the many former residents of Bear River. I really enjoy hearing from you and about where you are now and sharing our common love of Bear River with you.

Although I'm something of an import to Bear River, I've lived there for 26 years, but like most of you I've become a member of the recently departed as I had to leave my home on January 16, 2000 because of the demands of my job and move to the city.

To Tara in states, I spoke with your mother recently and mentioned your visit to my cyber version of Bear River. I should mention that one of my earliest memories of Bear River was picking blueberries at your father's place even before we lived there. <  

Also ask him about the first time I met him when I was twelve years old and he lifted me from the Hillbilly Haven Military Police float in Cornwallis when he was dressed as Granny. I've always teased him about him being in   drag  the first time I met him

I do remember seeing you at the 100th Anniversary of Cherry Carnival in 1993, I believe. I was singing with the band   Glass Hammer  that was playing around the time of the fireworks.

Hello to Matt and company from Rocky Mountain, Alberta. It was nice chatting with you and I hope you are recouperating well from accident. I promise I am working on the latest Edition of Betty Lou Zine and should have it online soon.

Hello to Morris from Spain. Yes, I do recall your family, especially Nancy and your house with the tennis court. Very nice hearing from you from such a distance and in knowing you still think of Bear River.


  • The old one lane bridge in town was replaced with a two lane bridge in 1991.
  • CFB Cornwallis closed in 1994
  • Pearson Peacekeeping Center and Kespuwick Development Agency have taken over the Former CFB Cornwallis with a number of businesses opening in the area.
  • The main gate of CFB Cornwallis was torn down. The Gym burned and the recreation center on Shady Lane was also torn down.
  • The Atlantic Superstore and Sobey both opened new stores in August and September of 1999 in Digby.

    (Now if we could only entice a major industry to the area to help support them. hint. hint.)
  • Harry Hill the honourary Mayor of Bear River is still going strong at 85.
  • We unfortunately marked the passing of Dorothy Raymond, known as the Good Witch of the Forest in September of 1998.

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