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I am a single female who has lived most of my life in the tiny village of Bear River, Nova Scotia. I fell in love with it the very first time I glimpsed it during a family drive to the area.

I was amazed with the storybook beauty of Bear River as we rounded a curve on the Chute Road and the village spread out before me with it's elegant old houses nestled in emerald green rolling hills. It appeared just like one of those little scenes in the glass globes that when you shake them the snow falls.

I returned to school and graduated with a certificate in Applied Communication Arts, (Graphic Design) in June of 1999. I also have a degree in Psychology and English from Mount Allison University.

In university I wanted to become a forensic or criminal psychologist, (long before Silence of the Lambs, made it vogue). Some of this would be due to my former Military Police father's influence who said, "You're too short to be a cop", but I was still very much interested in the workings of crime and deviant behaviour and in understanding the motives behind much of this behavior.

I'm still interested in psychology, but this is mostly a hobby now-a-days, as it is very hard to find a job in this field with only a BA. Someday, perhaps.

I enjoy the macabre and have a somewhat black sense of humour. I've long been interested in strange stories and the baser side of human nature. Hence, Betty Lou Zine

Although I love web design and graphic design, what I really want to do some day is be a digital animator. I would love to do condom commercials and Preparation H commercials - sort of South Park meets Disney.