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Wife was really a man

In Bountiful, Utah, Bruce Jensen, 39, discovered that his wife of 3 1/2 years was a man. the deception by Felix Urioste, 34, unraveled when Jensen filed a missing person report and police learned that Las Vegas, Nevada, authorities had arrested Urioste for using fraudulent credit cards issued to Bruce and Leasa Jensen to run up at least $40,000 in debt.

He was traveling as a bearded man.

Authorities said the feminine-looking Urioste, who already had his testicles, but not his penis, removed in anticipation of a sex-change operation when he met Jensen at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center while masquerading as a female doctor, never let Jensen see him naked during their celibate marriage.

Jensen wed Urioste out of a sense of obligation after Urioste claimed to be pregnant with twins after their lone sexual encounter.

Urioste later said the twins were stillborn. "I feel pretty stupid," Jensen said, adding that he is seeking an annulment, citing irreconcilable differences.

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