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Bungle Bonanza

by Misty Moue Moue, Staff Writer

Police in Virginia Beach, Virginia charged Charles Robertson, 19, with robbing a bank when he bungled his way into their hands.

After handing the teller a holdup note, Robertson started to flee but stopped when he realized that he had forgot his note.

He dashed back and grabbed the note, but this time he left the keys to his getaway car -- a fact he didnŐt discover until he reached the vehicle. he managed to elude police, but when he got home he told his roommate, whose car he had borrowed, that it had been stolen.

She reported the car missing, and about 20 minutes later Officer Mike Koch spotted it a block from the bank.

Playing a hunch, Koch got the keys the robbery suspect had left behind.

When they fit the car that had been reported stolen, detectives went to the address the owner had given and found Robertson.

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